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“When a person dies, will he come back to life?”

Job asked this question in Chapter 14, verse 14. He spent the first verses talking about the suffering of man and how he thinks life is easier for trees (verse 7-9). Truth be told, to date, this year makes me almost agree with Job. But not quite :)

Let’s dig a little into what he says. In verse one he says that we (people) have short days and lots of trouble. Can’t argue with him there. Job affirms that God determines our days (14:5). Yep, God does because He is the Creator and He is sovereign. In verse seven he switches to the trees. The tree, if cut down, can regrow (verse 7). If it still has roots, water can revive it and help create new life (verse 8-9). All true for the record. Then he spends verses 10-12 setting forth how a person dies and just...dies. No new life. Just death. Hmmm. I have a few objections to this one. And then the question in verse 14.

“When a person dies, will he come back to life?” Job 14:14 CSB

Verses 10-14 can be addressed in one word. Actually the name of a person. Jesus.

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree; so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness. By his wounds, you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24 CSB

So remember the tree reference? Yes, the tree was helpful to us in that on it (in the form of a cross), we gained the right to have eternal life. While trees can revive, they are not eternal. We, however, can die and then go live forever in heaven with our savior Jesus. I think that's much better than tree life.

That eternal life in heaven is our new life. It’s a priceless gift from Father God through His son, Jesus. It’s a gift we should be telling everyone about so that they too can live and not die. I know I need to be better at this part. How are you doing with it?

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