But I Don't Have Time

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You can spend two or three hours in prayer every day right? Yeah, me neither. We’re all busy. But there should never be a time when we say “But I don't have time to pray or read the Bible.” No matter what we have going on, we have to find a way to make time for God.

So, you are probably saying “Well then if you have all the answers, how do I make time?” First, I don't have all the answers, otherwise I'd be God. However, I do have five suggestions I've used these myself to make time where there was none.

Five minutes - Set a timer for five minutes. Spend that time either praying or reading the Bible. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than zero. I find that often I’m able to reset the timer and keep praying or reading.

One at a time – Write one verse on a note card each day. I carry verses with me in my purse and pull them out throughout the day to reread , pray or meditate on. So what takes minimal time to start, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Audio please – Listen to the audio version of the Bible. You Version is free and offers audio. I often listen to the Word while getting ready in the morning, cooking dinner or driving in my car.

Sandwich anyone? – I like to begin and end my day with worship music. There’s nothing like starting my day with praising God. And it's equally as nice to end it with worship. From personal experience, often you will “find” time for at least one more song.

Build on it – Begin writing a short prayer, even if it’s just two to three lines. Then whenever you have a few moments, add to it. On a day when your schedule has more wiggle room, close out your prayer. Then read it back to God. I save these prayers to go back to over and over because prayers never grow old.

When you have the time to sit and visit with the Lord for a while, take full advantage. But when life is overwhelming and your time seems limited, use these ideas to stay in touch with the One who longs for you more than anyone else.

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