Question and Answer Series

I was just convicted. No, not a court conviction. It's a Holy Spirit conviction. And I'm going to share it with you. But first, let me tell you a few quick facts about myself. I am a Bible nerd. I love reading it, studying it, quoting it, writing about it and teaching from it when I can. I wish everyone was a Bible nerd. But, since that's not our current reality, I'd like to help women see value in it and maybe, just maybe, begin to love it too. Second fact is that writing is my jam. I love to write. I express myself best in written form. But, fair warning, that does not stop me from being a motor mouth. HA! I promise I'm working on making myself shush more. Third (and final) fact for this post is that as much as I love God and acknowledge that He's in control of everything (Hello! He's the sustainer and creator of the universe!), I'm often still disobedient. And that's when I get the conviction. And now that you're caught up, let's talk about what I got convicted about this time.

So, I was reading and studying the book of Job. You might be thinking, "Why Job?" I know it's not most people's favorite book to study. But it's the book I felt led to. As I was reading, a strange thing happened. As I read Job's questions and statements, God began giving me other scriptures that answered or addressed them. Being a writer, I started recording them and then even searching for additional scripture. Did I mention that God does amazing stuff with me in my study time? But then I got the sense that I was supposed to share it. And then I was no longer onboard for that leg of the journey. I mean I tried to be onboard, but then I was like people might think this is weird.

Yeah. God had a whole lot of answers for that. Let's review together, shall we?

Adam. "Here Adam, name these things". I just wish I could have been inside Adam's head, listening to what he thought about that!

Noah. "Build this ark before the flood comes." Pretty sure Noah was like "What's an ark? What's a flood?" And let's not EVEN talk about what the people in his village/town were probably saying about him to his face and/or behind his back. "Does he really think God told him to build that monstrosity. Flood? Is that even a word, much less a thing? He's lost his marbles."

Joshua. "The battle plan for Jericho is to march around it one time for six days. Then on the seventh day march around seven times and then everybody shout like crazy. Then the walls will collapse and you'll win. Now go tell the people." I'm wondering if the people were like "That doesn't sound like any battle plan I ever heard."

Mary. "The Holy Spirit will give you this child, which will be God." Who can you tell that to and not be looked at like you're a crazy person?

By Mary, I was fully done objecting. All I was being asked to do was share with others what God was sharing with me. And that brings us to this post. What I'll be doing is posting here, the quote from Job and the verse or verses that are responses to that quote. I'll also be doing a graphic on Instagram to match each day's post. We'll start this Wednesday (10/16) with a post each week.

I'm going to ask you to not just be a spectator in this journey. I'd love to get your feedback. Either "That's good!", "You're crazy!", "Hey, what about this verse?" or anything in between. This will be my first ever series. I'm expectant and excited. Y'all, there are many gems in Job! I can't wait to do this Question and Answer thing together with you. You ready?

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