What Happened to the Job Study?

So it's been quite a few weeks since I posted the next Job study installment. Welp, I've been having my own Job experience. Not nearly as epic as his, but pretty epic for me and my family. COVID-19 has wrecked a lot of havoc for me personally. First my youngest got furloughed from her job. Then I had to take a 20% pay cut. The following week I was indefinitely furloughed. My husband's hours were cut. We lost my sister and one of my husband's cousins to Covid. We know many others in our circle who also contracted it but thankfully survived. So yeah, a Job experience.

I can say my response has been more a Chapters 1-3 response. More trust than questioning. Will not lie and say that it's been easy to maintain that posture. I have had a few Chapters 4-13 moments. But what has helped me tremendously has been Johnathan Evan's eulogy for his mom Lois Evans. I know it may seem morbid, but watch. It changed my entire perspective on suffering, death and grief. I'm still on furlough. Still grieving. But yet, still praising God for the care and keeping He has provided through friends and church family. You cannot even imagine. My mind has been blown and my heart overwhelmed. I love our people! (Y'all know who you are!)

All this to say, Job study will return next week. I've missed engaging through it, but self care was important. Looking forward to next week! Hope you are too!

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